Gift Card Conditions

The Sharewood Gift Card is available for purchase on the e-commerce website . The use of the Sharewood Gift Card is regulated by the terms of conditions below.

1. The Sharewood Gift Card (from now on, in the interests of brevity, it will be called "Card") constitutes an initiative promoted by Sharewood S.r.l., proprietor of the trade mark Sharewood, on the e-commerce website
The Sharewood Gift card is considered a method of payment exclusively intended for the purchase of adventure experiences and sports equipment rental ("items") presented on the website mentioned above. The ancillary brand items presented on the website or operated by third parties shall be excluded.

2. How to use: the purchaser of the Card will be accredited with the sum equal to the amount paid to Sharewood S.r.l. in credit on the given Card.
At the point of use, Sharewood S.r.l. will substitute the payment made on the card to the user; this process will take no longer than 10 days.
There no limit of transferability, the Card user will have the right to request the amount required from Sharewood S.r.l.

3. The Card can be used exclusively from the activation date (which is the same date of purchase of the Card on the website) and it will be valid for no more than twelve (12) months as of the same (in succession "expiry date").
The activation date of the Card is notified by e-mail for the purpose of justification and can be found by the user making contact with the customer care service to the following e-mail address or by visiting the head office of Sharewood S.r.l.
After the expiry date the Card can no longer be used, neither the purchaser nor the user will be entitled to the remaining funds left on the card.
The remaining balance of the Card will be held by Sharewood S.r.l. on the due date, which reserves the right to use it under the conditions of which it sees fit.

4. The value charged on the Card corresponds to the effective amount paid by the client in the activation phase. There's no minimum fee chargeable on the Card.
Upon the activation, a proof of purchase, the activation date and the amount charged on the Card will be delivered.
A numerical code of 8 characters will be sent to purchaser. This code should be inserted at the time of purchase, to activate the usage of the Gift Card. If the Card is a gift to a third party, it will be possible to submit the numerical code directly to the recipient, through appropriate selection at the time of purchase of the Card.

5. The Card is intended exclusively for the purchase of the products present on the e-commerce website, under the following conditions indicated until the date of expiry.
In the case where the priced item is less than the credit amount, the remaining total will be lost due to the card only being able to be validated one time.

6. In cases where the order amount is more than the Card amount, the user will be liable to pay the difference by payment instruments on the site. For example Mario, who owns a 30 Euro Card, wants to rent sports equipment from Roberto for a total value of 50,00 Euros. Mario uses the Card to pay off 30,00 Euros of the total fee and he will pay to Sharewood S.r.l. the remaining 20 Euros by Credit Card.

7. To find out the expiry date of the Card, it is necessary to verify the date entered on the issued document or by contacting the Customer Care Service at the following e-mail address

8. The Card is not nominal, to be considered by the bearer, and may be used by anyone using it for the purchase of items present on e-commerce site
Sharewood S.r.l. cannot be held responsible in any way for unauthorised use of the Card by third parties; any kind of compensation is then excluded to whom declare to be the Card Owner.

9. The Card is not rechargeable and the credit present on the Card is not convertible in cash and it cannot be accumulated with other Cards or promotions.

10. The responsibility for the use and care of the Card is charged to the owner. Sharewood S.r.l. cannot be responsible for any case of theft, loss or damage to the Card.
In case of theft, loss or damage, the Card will be not replaced or reissued by Sharewood S.r.l.

11. The card can't be used for advertising purposes, promotion of products or services placed on the market by third parties or by personnel unknown to Sharewood S.r.l., unless prior permission has been given in written form by the latter.

12. If a card is obtained by means that are unlawfully and/or fraudulently, it cannot be used to purchase items on the website and the price paid for the purchase will not be refunded by Sharewood S.r.l..

13. Any complaint and/or request of information about the use of the Sharewood Card should be done by writing to the following address:

14. The purchase and the use of the Card implies an acceptance of terms and conditions of Sharewood S.r.l. reported to this website: . Valid and updated conditions of use will be published from time to time on the website concerning the brand Sharewood S.r.l. to the following webpage:

15. The Card is noted as a method of payment and it's not meant to be an investment vehicle or a sought from the market.
Interest rate changes are excluded in relation to the quantity available on the Card

16. Sharewood S.r.l. reserves the right to change the content of this Regulation for security purposes and/or legal reasons. Changes will be released and known at least one month before their entry into force on the website
There may be an exception to the deadline, if there is a compelling amendment imposed by law, by guaranteeing maximum protection of the users.

17. Every litigation concerning the Sharewood Card usage shall be governed by the Italian Law and the Court of Milan will be chosen as competent to exclusively decide on these controversial. Before an application to the Tribunal, the Parties undertake an attempt with the intention of finding a solution to the controversy into good-faith negotiation.